SONG: UnknownHotel
ARTIST: UnknownTori Amos
ALBUM: UnknownFrom The Choirgirl Hotel
PLAYED: 9 times

Day #8. Favorite song from From The Choirgirl Hotel: These questions of your favorite songs from each album… you have to realize, they totally fluctuate for me.  I go into phases where I’m really obsessed with certain songs.  

Right now, the Choirgirl songs I’m into are “Hotel” and “Northern Lad.”  But it’s also been “Playboy Mommy” before, and “Pandora’s Aqarium,” too.  This is a great album.  It reminds me of the most wretched time of my life, but it was a bright spot in that time.  This album, like Scarlet’s Walk, helped me get through some shit.  It’s kind of bittersweet to listen to it because it does evoke a lot of memories that aren’t so great, but I am also glad that I can look back at that point in my life and remember something I enjoyed, and this album was something I enjoyed.  1998 was the year this was released.  1998 was the worst year of my life.  I guess sometimes it’s nice to get perspective.  Whatever things I have to deal with now, I’ve come a fucking long way since 1998.

Anyway, “Hotel” gets the win this time.  It’s just such a rich, complex song.  It’s the “Talula” of this album, the powerhouse song that feels like it has an amazing sonic story arc.  As in, the sounds of the song just unfold in this very satisfying way, like the notes are telling a story, with a build, and a climax, and a denouement.

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