how do people who love Apple and Apple shit explain iTunes?   Like it’s literally one of the worst programs I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with.   I hate it so fucking much.   It’s nothing but constant aggravation.

I’m downloading it now because there’s an album by Check in the Dark that’s now ONLY available on iTunes for a good price, and I swear to fucking god, even on installation it’s pissing me off with its utter failure.

I am deleting this shit SO FAST after I get my music.  And what is this bullshit, Apple?  Why do I need your fucking terribad program to download music?  you know I can download music illegally without needing some big, clunky, piece of shit program to do it.  The music industry really needs to realize that making it more difficult to download things legally only encourages illegal downloading.  fuck this shit.  if I didn’t STRENUOUSLY believe in supporting this band, I would not be doing this.  Ugh.  WISH THE ALBUM WAS ON AMAZON SO I WOULDN’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS SHIT.

  1. girilla-warfare said: i love my iphone but i loathe itunes also
  2. mcc2040 said: LITERALLY ME WHENEVER I HAVE TO BUY SHIT FROM ITUNES. Of course, HAVE being loose and dependent upon the fact that I want to support something. Other wise, sail the seven seas of rebellion.
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