Adding up the total running times of all Star Trek TV series and movies, we are able to learn several interesting things…

  • The Original Series makes up just 12% of the Star Trek franchise with an approximate total running time of 4,000 minutes.
  • 'Most' of Star Trek is Star Trek: The Next Generation, with an approximate total running time of 7,832 minutes, and a total percentage of 25% if you include it’s movies.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager are the other heavy hitters, with 24% and 23% of the franchise respectively.
  • The Next Generation Era makes up a total of 72% of the entire Star Trek franchise, compared with a total of 15% from The TOS Era.
  • The smallest single contribution comes from the JJ Abrams movies, with just 259 minutes of content.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise provides 13% of the franchise, compared to 12% from TOS.

Placed in order of content, from most to least, the various Star Trek series and movies stand as follows:

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation - 24%
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - 24%
  • Star Trek: Voyager - 23%
  • Star Trek: Enterprise - 13%
  • Star Trek: The Original Series - 12%
  • TOS Movies - 2%
  • TNG Movies - 1%
  • JJ Abrams Reboot - 1%

Or if we divide them into ‘eras’, it becomes this:

  • Next Generation Era - 72%
  • Original Series Era - 15%
  • Enterprise Era - 13%

The Next Gen Era was by far the best era of Trek imo.  I like TOS and LOVE some of the TOS films but the Next Gen Era is what sings to my heart.  No comment on Enterprise.  All the hate for the Abrams reboots.  ALL THE HATE.

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